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24 {FREE} Ways for Teachers to Re-Charge This Summer!

24 {FREE} Ways for Teachers to Re-Charge This Summer | Planning in Pajamas

If you’re a teacher, you’re probably pretty exhausted right about now, and in great need of a little rest and recovery.

Get some rest | 24 {FREE} Ways for Teachers to Re-Charge This Summer | Planning in Pajamas
The school year is winding down, and it’s time to refill your cup – find ways to relax, have fun, and take care of yourself!

Here are 24 {FREE} Ways for Teachers to Re-Charge This Summer!

1. Take a walk
Easiest, super free activity. Put on those sneakers and go!

2. Binge an awesome TV show on Netflix (only free if you already have a subscription!)
Start a new show, or catch up on one you haven’t had time for. You know you wanna!
(Note: I was about to write out a list of recommendations, but seriously it would have taken up this whole blog post haha)

3. Read a book
You know that “to read” list you’ve been piling up, the one you don’t have time for during the school year? Well now is the perfect time! My personal favs to read are Young Adult (YA novels), particularly dystopian or sci-fi.
Check out my profile on Goodreads ( to see what I’ve been reading, and what’s on my “want to read” list!

Go for a Hike | 24 {FREE} Ways for Teachers to Re-Charge This Summer | Planning in Pajamas

4. Go for a hike
Similar to taking a walk, but requires a little more planning (especially if you have no idea where to go!). Do a little research, pack up a backpack (don’t forget snacks & water, and maybe that book you’ve started if you take a little break), put on those sneakers, and find a mountain.

5. Listen to Podcasts
Podcasts are such an amazing way to learn something new, or get a good laugh. There are so many types of shows out there, do a quick search and find one that interests you.
For Teacherpreneurs, check out my previous blog post on Teacherpreneur Resources – there are several Podcast suggestions there!

6. Clean/Organize your part of your home
Okay, not so fun, but it needs to happen SOMETIME… and it is a free activity 😉

7. Get cooking/baking
Try out some new recipes – now’s the time! You could make something complicated you wouldn’t normally have time for (last summer I had my boyfriend give me a “cooking challenge” with requests – I learned how to make wonton soup! DEFINITELY don’t have time for that during the school year!). You could also practice some recipes to build up a list of quick & easy ideas for when you’re back to work.

8. Learn a new hobby or skill
In today’s technologically advanced world, we really can learn to do ANYTHING online! What is something you’ve been dying to try? Something artistic, like hand lettering, knitting or origami? Something practical, like cooking techniques or how to change a tire? How about something just for fun – like how to yo-yo or juggle?
The possibilities are really endless.

9. Visit with friends
No stress about getting up early in the morning – you can go out on a weeknight and enjoy it!

Sit Outsite | 24 {FREE} Ways for Teachers to Re-Charge This Summer | Planning in Pajamas

10. Sit outside
Enjoy the summer weather, and soak up some much-needed Vitamin D!

11. Sort through your photos on your camera roll
You may find some gems you forgot about 🙂

12. Start a blog
Have something you want to say or share? Start a blog! It’s free and easy, and can be about anything at all that interests you.

13. Visit a museum (they often have hours that are free, generally daytime)
Check out local museums or other facilities you may be able to visit for free during weekday hours. We often miss out since we’re working, but hey, you’re on break!

14. Take an online course
There are SO MANY options for any interest out there! Check out sites like Coursera or Alison, that offer free courses, from credible universities.

15. Take a nap
Seriously. We RARELY get enough sleep, especially during the school year. Take some time to catch up.

16. Try Yoga/Meditation
A great way (for some) to clear their mind! If you can develop a solid practice before the next school year begins, this may help you find some peace when it does.

Start a Garden | 24 {FREE} Ways for Teachers to Re-Charge This Summer | Planning in Pajamas

17. Start a garden
Ok I admit – I seriously lack a green thumb – but I know for many garderning can be a lovely experience! Every year I try to grow a little herb garden, which is semi-successful at first but then I kinda forget about it…

18. Call a friend/family member you haven’t spoken to in a long time
Reconnect with someone you’ve been missing. It’s hard to find the time, but now you have a little extra. Call – yes, actually call, a friend or family member, and have a nice long chat.

19. Set goals
What would you like to work on in the coming months? This can be related to anything – your health, your home, a side business, your family – whatever aspect of your life you’d like to improve on!
Writing down some ideas of what you’d like to accomplish, and steps to getting there, can give you a direction, and more ideas of what to do during the summer.

20. Do a puzzle
I’m a HUGE sudoku fan myself – I used to do them in the newspaper daily, and then lost the habit somehow. Math puzzles, crosswords, brain teasers… They’re all good for the mind. You could even make some space and get started on a giant jigsaw puzzle – take over that whole table!

21. Volunteer
Search for opportunities in your community, and find something that interests you. Love animals? I’m sure your local shelter could use a hand. Prefer to help out with people? Check for a community center that may offer opportunities, or a local shelter or religious establishment.

22. Clean out your closet!
This goes with the previous post on helping out the community. Go through your clothing and donate all that you aren’t wearing anymore.
Here’s a little trick – turn all of your hangers backwards, and turn them the right way once you wear something. After 6 months, the ones that are still facing the wrong way are holding clothes you aren’t wearing! Give those away.

23. Take a long drive
Just get in the car and go ANYWHERE! You have the time, so why not?

24. Check out local festivals
In Montreal, near where I am, there are several festivals literally every weekend. Generally they are free as well!
Check out what’s going on locally in your town.

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24 {FREE} Ways for Teachers to Re-Charge this SUMMER! | Planning in Pajamas

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